“There are two kinds of people: those whose lives have been changed by Alan Watts and those who haven’t heard of him yet.”

“There are two kinds of people: those whose lives have been changed by Alan Watts and those who haven’t heard of him yet.”

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In creating Everything, award-winning game designer and animator David OReilly (Adventure Time, Her, The External World, Mountain, Adult Swim, etc.) was inspired to use the voice of Alan Watts to guide players through a beautiful, mind-expanding universe simulation experience.  Alan’s lectures are crucial to the meditative gameplay of Everything, and are equally stunning when experienced alone. The Alan Watts Organization has distilled the lectures used in Everything into a 10 track standalone album that delves even further into the universe and the ideas of Everything. We have arranged complete versions of the talks used in the game for your enjoyment.

Everything The Alan Watts Talks Preview

Excerpt from On the Self pt. 1

Get the full versions of the Alan Watts talks found in Everything

By David OReilly | October 24, 2017


“Friends – the Alan Watts talks used in Everything are now available in full from the Alan Watts Organization. Many of you have requested these and they are finally available in official form. I highly recommend these for anyone who want’s to dig deeper into the subjects discussed in the game, and experience Mr. Watts work in it’s full original form.

Out of over 400 hours of Mr. Watts’s recordings these are my favorites. They express a point of view which I believe has never been so well described in contemporary language.

Here is some information on my relationship to these works and how they found their way into the game.

If you’ve been following my work for any length of time, you might know I generally never sample or use existing material. This was a willing and necessary exception. I took great care to avoid making the project a mere vehicle for these works – they had to be as integral as music, sound and every other part of the world. Once we tested them together there was no going back, they were simply too well aligned with the spirit of the project and were the missing piece it needed. It became clear that Mr. Watts needed to be a full-measured part of the game.

In the end, it was not about self-expression but making this project sing it’s own song as well as it could. Even if it risked being perceived as a vehicle, it would be the Rolls Royce. I felt strongly that Alan’s words are not reducible in any way from their own original form. While they add specificity to the project, they are saying things I find to be absolutely true, brilliantly articulated, functional and entertaining. I felt incredibly lucky to have the support of his son Mark and his team on the project.

The chance to introduce Alan Watts to a new audience was and is very exciting to me. His work is often described in the context of the cultural movements of the 60’s and 70’s, but to me this was always a distraction. I believe his words are more vital than ever and will last long beyond the eras that created them and any context he might be put in.

Alan was a truly great artist and orator, and managed to be both entertaining yet profound, articulate yet straightforward, passionate yet humble, funny yet selfless. He added such clarity, wit and depth to subjects which can be murky and ineffable. He was disarmingly honest and never tried to to sell or convince his audience of what he was saying. He was, as they say, the real deal, and I don’t think anyone else comes even close. His work obliterates the cynicism which grows around discussions of the fundamental questions of life in our world.

This collection was put together by Mark Watts with his great team Nora, Justin & Mariah, and they did a fantastic job. The proceeds from this go to the Alan Watts project. I have to stress this isn’t a faceless legal entity but a small, super dedicated team who work out of passion for Mr.Watts work – and who are actively engaged in archiving, cleaning, mastering and keeping these recordings up to date and available. The reason I emphasize this is because there are so many pirated, low quality copies all over the place, and I genuinely care about the work this this team is doing. I can tell you from the inside that they are driven by love and not profit.

Of course, I recommend checking out other Alan Watts talks too, they are so many, all available on http://store.alanwatts.com/.

Hope you enjoy!