Frequently Asked Questions

Who was Alan Watts, and how do I find out more about his life and works?

For more in-depth information on Alan’s life and works please visit the biography page.

How many Alan Watts talks are there and when were they recorded?

Nearly 400 of Alan Watts’ talks were recorded over a twenty year period from 1953 to 1973. Most the talks we offer, such as the ones in The Works of Alan Watts, are recordings of public lectures and seminars given between 1963 and 1973, with the exception of 28 of his early radio talks, which were recorded in the 1950’s. “The Works” includes roughly 200 tracks, and a part of the Organizations’ archiving efforts is to digitize and release the remaining audio.

Why charge money for Alan Watts’ work?

Currently, the sale of curated audio collections allows us to fulfill our mission. However, we are in the process of attempting to shift our funding structure to make Alan’s works more widely and freely available.

You can read our full mission statement here.

Wouldn’t Alan have wanted his words to be available for free?

Alan believed in charging a fair price for his work. Here he is briefly speaking on the subject :


I saw a film or heard talk on the web, but I don’t see that title in the store. How can I find it?

Many of Alan’s talks on the web have been renamed and the name of the original talk is often not provided. One of our goals is to build an archive including a complete transcription database so that users may search for specific quotes. Until this database becomes publicly available, please reach out with any specific questions about sources of quotes by emailing

I’d like to quote from or re-purpose a talk. How do I get permission or negotiate a license?

We routinely license content for music, film, and educational projects. Please visit our Contact Page and complete the Rights & Permissions form to request to use Alan Watts material.

Why can’t I get the audio to work on my mobile device?

I can’t open the audio I just downloaded – what’s wrong?

If you are having difficulty listening to your audio filea, please contact our store representative directly at

Please include the following information:
– Where you downloaded the files.
– The make and model of the device you’re using.
– The audio software you’re using (including iOS version and software version).

How do I open a .zip file on my device?

There are many devices and many ways to unzip files. We encourage you to explore the various options open to you and let us know if you absolutely cannot access the zipped files.

How do I report a broken link, page, or bad functionality on the website?

Our website is still a work in progress. Please help us grow this site and let us know if something is broken or missing by sending an email to (And thank you in advance!)

If your question wasn’t answered, please contact us at, and we’ll do our best to assist you.